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The people we have helped have tried numerous exercise programs and diets before joining Fit2Last. If that’s true for you too, you may have experienced some limited, short-term results or possibly even no results at all. The truth is that most of these programs don’t work, and here’s why:

1. Unfocused.
A haphazard approach with poorly planned exercise won’t help you achieve results.. While any movement is better than none, getting the results you want requires a lot of precise planning. Fortunately the Master Trainers at Fit2Last have done all of that for you. The only thing you have to do is turn on your device and exercise. It’s actually that simple.

2. Not sustainable.
What you’ve tried was not sustainable (if it was, you’d still be doing it). Very few people want to spend hours a day at the gym or counting calories. The good news is that you don’t have to, just load the Fit2Last website and do a 10-30 minute workout 3 times a week and you’ll be well on your way to leveling up your fitness.

3. Lack of balance.
Maybe you have great cardio fitness, but you’re not feeling very strong. Perhaps you're strong, but you’re constantly sore with little aches and pains because your mobility is letting you down. Or maybe you’re a beginner who’s new to fitness and feeling a bit overwhelmed. A fitness program should enhance your quality of life and support your overall health, which is why we offer classes that address the main components of fitness: strength, endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. We want you to live the fun, active, and healthy life of your dreams.

If previous attempts have left you feeling deflated or frustrated, you’re not alone. We’ve even heard that some people blame themselves for what they perceive as failure. Sticking with a haphazard, unsustainable program that lacks balance is not realistic. Which means that it’s not your fault that previous attempts haven’t turned out the way you wanted. The problem was never you, you just didn’t have the tools you needed to succeed.

This is where Fit2Last comes in, we have all the tools to deliver the results you want, what’s even better is that you can do it all from home. The most you’ll need for our workouts is a set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, and chair. Nothing crazy or expensive, in fact you probably have most of that anyway. We don’t actually expect you to believe us before you experience what makes Fit2Last different, so try our free 7 day trial.

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 Here's a sneak peek of what you will find included in your Goal Crusher Membership:


Workouts that you can access at any time from anywhere
Live Streamed Classes (exercise in real time with us, from the comfort of home)
Access to ALL of our Challenges & Programs
Library of Webinars, Tutorials, Workshops, & Seminars
Collection of Guided Meditations & Self-Love Sessions
Q&A Support directly from Jarrod & Amanda
Invite to our Members Only VIP Facebook Group

..... plus  more! 

Are you curious what workouts you’ll find inside your Goal Crusher Membership?
There is something for everyone and we include exercises for all of the main components of fitness.
We’ve got you covered 😉
● Abs & Core
● Lower Body - Legs and Booty 🍑
● Total Body Workouts
● 15 minute Bootcamp
● Boxing
● Cardio
● HIIT (including low impact options)
● Strength Training
● HustleFit - a bodyweight resistance and cardio class
● Hustle Strength & Tone - a 30 minute dumbbell strength-building class
● Hustle Flex & Flow - gift your body flexibility and mobility
● Veraflow  - dance, stretch and relax
● Dance Fitness
● Strong

what our clients say?



Deception Bay, QLD

Since joining this group it has shown me how changing my thinking and surrounding myself with great and positive people has made it that much easier to make positive changes to my life.

Amanda and Jarrod are so supportive and give so much of themselves in so many aspects of fitness, nutrition, mindset and general well being. I don't think you'll ever know what influence your positivity and encouragement has had on many areas of my life. I have done things that I was always previously so scared of doing all thanks to you guys!”



Morayfield, QLD

I have been a member of the Fit2Last tribe for quite sometime now

Before I had my son I came to almost every class on offer, I loved every minute of the classes and the atmosphere that is created among the members.

As a new mum I found it difficult to come to classes and make time for training

Now that I am able to do virtual and on demand classes I have no reason not to be able to work out. Jarod and Amanda are so captivating and energetic that even though I am not physically at the class I still feel the high energy and vibes through my screen.

I am proud to say I am apart of the Fit2Last group and always look forward to my classes as I know I am in for an amazing workout and a laugh or two while doing it.

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Brisbane, QLD

I have done a few different things to try and be healthier in my life for example fitness challenges or dieting, all of which were relatively unsuccessful for me. I have been a member of Fit2Last for a couple months now and I have never met two people more dedicated to my success than Amanda and Jarrod.

They provide not only physical fitness classes/training but also life coaching and psychological support throughout the fitness journey. They have brought together a group of like minded, genuine and kind people who stop being strangers but start being a community so seamlessly.  #memberforlife.

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