HustleFit is the brain child of Fit2Last co-owners Jarrod Tucker and Amanda Prosser. Both Master Trainers, Fitness Presenters, Instructors and Personal Trainers, they came up with a concept one day for a class that was missing from their timetable.

Putting their knowledge and experience together from their backgrounds in Personal Training and Group Fitness, they created a program that fuses all the benefits and things people love about participating in a Group Fitness Class without the confusing choreography and all thing things people love about Personal Training without the boring repetition counting and lack of variety.

BOOM – HustleFit was born! An athletic muscle conditioning class aimed to increase your strength & lower your body fat! Inspired by personal training, bootcamp & a variety of other classes like boxing, balance/mobility, kickboxing, and strength based classes. With Jarrod also having a background as a music DJ - you will work your entire body to a playlist of awesome music to keep you motivated, having fun and more than likely singing at times too!

Suitable for all fitness levels, we wanted this program to bridge the gap between those really ‘hardcore’ classes that only attract ‘hardcore’ fitness people and an entry level fitness class. Built for everybody and every-body.

Using the class structure from HustleFit and our Personal Training backgrounds, we have gone on to create our second program HustleFit Strength and Tone. This class is a one of a kind sculpting workout using light dumbbells. This low impact class fuses together a strength workout with energetic music that which will shape, sculpt & improve your muscle tone. We are currently in the process of designing our third program and have visions to continue to grow the Hustle Fit brand with more programs.

We are so excited to continue to expand the HustleFit brand and look forward to seeing our vision for this program come to life.

Jarrod and Amanda 

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