Are YOU ready to overcome the pain and frustration you feel from being stuck where you are?

Are you ready to accept guidance and help to actually acheive the goals you desire?

Are you ready to stop giving yourself excuses and actually start seeing results?


This is NOT another weight loss challenge

This is not just another physical "thing" to add to your plate


  •  Putting Yourself First

  • Confidence

  • Mindset

  • Guidance

  • Body

  • Change

  • Finishing What You Start

2 Ways to Invest (Upfront or Weekly)


• We show you HOW to set realistic and results driven goals that you CAN achieve

• We will guide you with a set Fitness Program specific to your goals each week (using our proven results driven video workouts)

• Help you set Nutrition goals suited for you

• Daily Mindset Missions + Weekly Mindset Workshops you can watch any time

• Fortnightly catch up with us via ZOOM. Includes a weekly themed workshop, our NO BS approach on HOW to really getting what you want with week AND you're in the hot seat and can speak to us personally about anything at these calls!

• FREE VIP Membership to our Online On Demand Library of Workouts

We are super excited to announce the doors are officially OPEN!

2 Ways to Invest (Upfront or Weekly)



"I started doing PT sessions with Jarrod when the gyms closed due to COVID-19. With zero gym access and the very limited weights that I has at home, he helped me to build muscle (which I'm extremely happy about!). I also love the convenience of training online. Jarrod is a stickler for form and he pushes me harder than I push myself. He listens to my goals and plans my PT sessions to help me achieve what's is important to me. I trust him to help me get results and can honestly say he is the best PT I've ever worked with."


Adelaide SA

I’ve been doing PT with Jarrod since end of July 2020, (3 months) and I’ve seen my mobility, core strength and stamina improve out of sight!


One of my favourite parts is the ‘I didn’t think I could do it, but I can do this!’ & seeing your core strength, mobility and flexibility keep improving.


I feel comfortable and confident in learning from a professional. Always encouraging my solid technique, doesn’t miss anything, no cheating! It’s a progressive increase in training, building on a solid foundation of basic fitness, to then start to excel. What more could you ask for as a client?!


I like that I’ve finally let go and realised, making an investment in myself is so worthwhile and an obvious ‘go to’ for long term fitness, preventing injury, this is big picture thinking. Being the best ‘you’ that you can be, it’s so freeing to be you, for you, you don’t need anyone’s approval. You’re not trying to prove anything to anyone else, it’s your journey! Thank you for your support and encouragement.


Who would think that a simple conversation, chatting about maybe doing PT one day, would turn around to a real commitment with real results! Thanks for encouraging me to take the next step! Can’t thank you enough Jarrod for being my Personal Trainer. Highly recommended guys!



Hobart TAS

 I have been training with Amanda for a few years now. No I haven’t go the perfect body. These things take time and being older and having arthritis in my hips slows things down. But working with Amanda is the best as she work around how my body is feeling, she helps me exercise to improve my flexibility and strength. I have toned my body and I have more energy. I love that it’s personalised program just for me - I am not just another body in the “gym”. I also love the VIP program that works well in conjunction with my pT sessions. I trust Amanda to do the right thing with my training 100%, and as each session is different it is never boring. I love that I don’t have to think about what exercise to do. Amanda explains and corrects my technique so I get the best benefit from my sessions. I highly recommend her PT sessions. You won’t be disappointed.


Brisbane – QLD




Brisbane, Australia



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