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The traditional way of working out isn’t for everyone, and if regular visits to your local gym don’t seem very exciting, we may have the perfect solution for you. A dance fitness class is an entertaining way to keep fit without feeling bored or stuck in a rut with the same old routine exercises.


The Benefits of a Dance Fitness Class

If you are easily bored by a standard routine, these are some ways dance classes can help keep you in tip-top shape without being mundane:

  • As fitness trainers, we know that one of the hardest things about staying on top of your fitness game is staying encouraged to train on a regular basis. If you find exercise machines, weights and individuals experienced in using them intimidating, you may be put off from going into a traditional gym setting altogether. By choosing a different form of exercise that is both effective and fun, including a dance class, you drastically increase your chances of sticking to it for the long run.

  • Besides the light-hearted approach to fitness, dancing provides some undeniably impressive health benefits. Physically, you can look forward to effective weight management, increased flexibility and co-ordination, stronger lungs and heart, increased strength and muscle tone, stronger bones, and aerobic fitness.

  • The advantages of dance exercise don’t stop at the physical benefits either, as the art of dance itself can have a significant impact on your mental health too. Studies on this form of exercise have shown that dance enthusiasts may see improvement in self-esteem and symptoms of depression and anxiety. You can even make life-long dance friends.

Dance as a form of exercise offers you so much more than what meets the eye. The clear benefits for both your body and mind make it a top choice for our approach to exercise.

What You Can Expect From Fit2Last Fitness Regarding Dance Fitness Classes

We’re all about impactful, effective alternatives to boring gym sessions. These are some things to look forward to when signing up for our dance classes:

  • Our classes differ from your regular fitness class, as we like to keep things challenging yet fun for all. Our options include high-intensity, strength and toning, muscle conditioning and Zumba, classes that focus on abs, and finally, our VeraFlow class that entails synchronicity of rhythm and flow with stretching, mobility and mindset.

  • We don’t discriminate when it comes to our clients and their fitness level. All fitness levels are welcome. We’d love to take you on a fitness journey and grow together as a team.

  • Struggle to find time for your workouts? We can work around that too. We offer virtual live stream classes so that you never need to skip a workout and can join us from just about anywhere, keeping you on top of your fitness game while you stick to your schedule.

If you’re still not convinced, we offer clients a 14-day free trial through our Goal Crusher membership so you can choose if our workouts are for you, without any strings attached!



Curious to learn more about our enticing approach to fitness? Contact us for more details on our classes and how to sign up today.

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